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Everything is for health. It is our hope that as many people as possible will benefit and lead a healthy life with the services we provide in Nadia Clinic

"Your Health, Our Wealth"

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  • general health screening and treatment
  • ante-natal / post natal check-up with usg (2d,3d & 4d scanning)
  • blood biochemistry and serological investigation
  • blood group screening
  • blood pressure examination, interpretation and advice
  • ecg examination
  • lung function tests
  • eye examination including fundoscopy / colour chart
  • ear, nose and throat (ent / orl) examination and minor procedure
  • executive blood profile
  • foreign workers & housemaids screening profile
  • family planning counselling, treatment and advice
  • g6pd screening for infants and children
  • hepatitis b screening, treatment, immunisation and counselling
  • immunisation
  • infertility screening, treatment and advice
  • medical check-up (pre-employment and annual check-up)
  • nebulizer facilities
  • medical treatment for male pattern baldness and other hair disorders
  • minor surgery
  • circumcision
  • warts, keloid and moles removal
  • suturing / glu-stitch
  • wound care
  • oxygen tank resuscitator available for treatment of acute emergencies
  • pimples / acne / skin disorder treatments
  • excision and removal of lumps / bumps / breast lumps
  • pregnancy test and treatment
  • pap-smear examination
  • std (veneral diseases) screening / treatment
  • urine examination (urine feme)
  • follow-up treatment for chronic illnesses
  • occupational health services